Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Morning everyone!!  I can't believe we have gone through another month already!  This year is just flying past..

I have been working on the Forget Me knots all week it has been slow going but  I'll get them done!!
I had some problems with the archways but I think I have them figured out now.  I have the  fancy parts of the blocks all ready for sewing now and the name plates just need names embroidered on them hopefully I will get this quilt done by the end of next month!!! I was hoping for the end of this one but I don't think I will make it!!

I started winding my embroidery threads again.. I didn't realize how many I had siting around not  boxed I need to get more winding boards Hubby bought a small pkt at walmarts for me and thought that would be enough until he came home and saw the pile of threads waitng!  I need to get at least 600 more!!LOL 

I joined a swap  for a christmas stocking. It has a gift for every month and they are themed gifts.  I have the stocking made and one gift but boy I need to get a move on and work on the rest or I will actually miss this deadline!  I keep finding different crafts to make for it and can't decide what to do for each month.  I will have to just sit down and do it the old fashioned way and make a list!! 

The weather here with us this week is crazy again. We had been up in the 80's now it is  back down to  64 high and 40's low back to heater weather. Plus it is supposed to rain all the way until  not this friday but the next. I dread to see the grass when it can finally get cut again We will have to watch out for snakes in the front from the water. thats the only thing I hate about this time of year   the snakes get too active  and come looking for food and water at the pond. Really think the pond will have to go this year but Hubby still not ready to let it go. Maybe if I get him a new fish tank for inside the house he will let the goldfish  come inside and get rid of the pond!!!

Well I need to get a move on this morning and  get some work done. I have also been updating address book and birthdays ect. It took me 6 hours yesterday to get most of it done even the password book  now just the internet sites to list  and get the bill folder re done with addresses and acounts. I should have had all this kept up over the year but I got lazy now need to get it done before Hurricane time just in case I have to grab and run they say we are expected to have a bad year this year so need to actually get things ready. 
as you can see here are some of my babies don't we all look like we want to work today!!

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  1. Your FMN quilt is coming along beautifully! And I so enjoyed your quilts on the post of 4/10 - wow! Thanks so much for sharing.