Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hi everyone,
Just have to say I love the pictures of Esthers Forget Me knot quilts I have been seeing. They have been coming out lovely.!  I finally finished my last block this week and I plan on putting it together next week.
I have been busy this week doing odd work  I finished the block of the week for Ranchers Daughter
I got my quilts back from the Mrs Lowe our Local Quilter and boy did she do a great job on them
Sister - In -Laws Quilt

chocolate quilt back

chocolate quilt front

funky chicken

yellow lap quilt

baby quilt for when kyle has first baby(not anytime soon I hope!) My mother started this one for him when he was on the way 21 yrs ago!!

this is the Baltimore Bliss quilt I made for his wedding quilt to be stored until such time!!! I figures I would have a hard time hand sewing by the time he decides to get married to made it now and will keep in the cedar chest with the others I made for him

here are some pics of the package I received the other day with my panels and some yardage for  myself

While I was playing catch up this week Kyle took care of the chickens and the geese he got trapped in the chicken pen when he went inside he didn't notice the large snake in  the nest until he turned around to leave and couldn't get past it luckily Dad was home and passed him the shovel to kill it.  Now it is his job to tend the birds after work every day!! I don't do snakes!!!
Here is a picture of My husband with poor Princess she is in heat right now cletus (male dog),Gizmo and Mocha the cat as well as Princess don't go to be spayed and neutured until July when they have discount month so this has b een a fun few weeks!!
Gizmo is the dark colored one  I didn't realize she was in the picture!!

Kyle  on his facebook page again!!

Over the weekend we had to install a new shower in our bathroom. the men folk were at work and I had my shower when the faucet flew off and hit me in the face I fell in the shower and was knocked out when I woke up with the dog pulling at me the bahroom was flooded!  I had to run to the neighbors in my bright pink terry robe to get them to turn the water off for me at the main as I couldnt find pliers . What  a mess I had to clean up but now we have a new one in place and we just have to get the paneling put back up in bedroom and the trim work and wall pictures so hopefully we will get that done this weekend.   My husband is getting ready to change jobs he is a welder and had been offered a 6 year job on a new construction (plant work) job for more money less hours which would give us the weekends together finally again. I miss having him home at the weekends the week can be so long when you just have the computer and the  animals for company.

Well I guess now that I have bored your ears off  I should go and get my first cup of tea for the day and get some work done.!!  Hope you all have a great week!!

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