Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July is flying by!! I just realized it is almost time for Esthers new block and I haven't gotten my other blocks for this month done yet!!  I have been working on my crinoline picture it sure is slow work now. I have the gate nearly done then onto the dress this weekend

.  My Grandmother is finally home from the hospital in sctoland. She is getting carer's now so she can stay in her own place. My sister-in-law is over there now checking on her and her own mother. Grandma is 95 yrs  well 96 the end of July. Her hip has finally healed enough that she can get around some with a walker but thats it.

I made a cushion  out of two blocks I had sitting around. I washed it yesterday and today I will stuff and close it up then get it packaged to mail off to her. she asked me to make something for a friend that has been helping her. Yesterday I made another 2  small quilt tops  and got all the freezer paper patterns drawn and cut for  some BOM's I will try to get the material done today for them. 

We have another new family member this week. My son rescued a puppy the other day. He saw someone throw it out a car window and stopped and picked it up.  So now we have a little BOY to add to all the GIRLS  thank God we have the girls already scheduled to be spayed on the 27th of this month!! that now gives us 5 dogs and 4 cats, 1 bearded dragon, 1 newt and two turtles, geese, chickens and 1 duck and gold fish in the pond!!!  Most of the critters are very old now except the dogs and two cats  who knew chickens could live so long!!! the newt has been with us for 17 yrs now I swear he has "died" so many times now that it is something else living in the tank!! I keep thinking it is dead and move him around and bam he comes back!!!

We have had rain the last few days here and expect more all the week long so will have to mop floors a few more times this week!!
Well I will get a move on now I have to get Kyle up for work soon. Have a great week everyone!!

Oh ps we called the pup Cletus (means pray in greek so the name book says!) and Maggie has adopted him she thinks he is her pup! Gizmo not sure if she like him yet she was maggies best buddy until cletus came along!!

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