Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Finally the rain has stopped for a little while here. We have had rain off and on for the last week steady the ground needed it but it has been hard having all the dogs in all day long!! Today they are outside playing and loving every minute of it.I went outside early this morning and feed the geese and the chickens now to get my table set up for today's sewing. I'm ashamed to say I gave in to my BOM's this month and put aside my crinoline embroidery to work on them!! I don't think I will ever get it finished at this rate!!!MY friend  came over the other week to see it so at least she liked what I had done so far. My son laughs and tells me she might get it by 2016 at the speed I'm going.  Only a few more months until x-mas I really really need to get it done this year!!

Ester's blocks are really nice this month I have the flowers ready for placement and sewing but the leaves I decided to try and sew the veins on I have never done that before so thought I would see how it works. now just to get some green thread to do it with.

 I made a top for a x-mas wall quilt

Lets see this week I have pinned the pieces on the Raspberry rabbit bom

pinned pieces for country junktion bom

pinned pieces for country cottages bom and started to sew them on

pinned pieces on the funky chicken bom

I stuffed the pillow I made for my grandmothers friend and got it packaged up and mailed I hope they like it.

Well I hope you all have a great week and for those that are sick or have loved ones that are hurt or sick best wishes and prayers.


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  1. Oh wow Jennifer, you've got a lot of little bits and pieces going on all looks so good! That rabbit and beehive block is too cute, mind you I'm rather keen on the chicken too!