Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Another Wednesday!  March is going by so fast. Our weather is finally heating up some and I suppose before long I will be complaining it is too hot and too dry! But really am glad the rain has stopped for a few days I am so tired of the dogs being covered in mud!

Hubby installed the new window a/c this pat weekend in the livingroom window. I am disappointed that we had to go back to window units, the central broke down again and just can't put the money on a whole new unit this year          , so hence the window ones. I will miss looking out the  window during the day while I sit on my chair sewing.

I worked on my wish quilt a little this week but have been slow on it.
I did finish these two cute cross stitch pictures this week from Shepherds Bush  Spring Box and Winter Box they were fun to do and quick. I will pick out another kit to work on for this week later after I wake up more!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Morning everyone!

It is a gorgeous day out here!  Not too hot not too cold and NO rain for the day!!   Our central air went out yesterday needs another motor outside again hope to have it fixed this weekend.  At least I can still open some windows for a breeze  until the hotter weather returns!  

I have been having a lot of down time lately just relaxing and doing some thinking.  I Have been spending most of my time watching the D.I.Y. channel on tv and drooling at some of the remodeling on the houses!!!

I have finally finished winding all my threads I have laying around onto cards turned out I had way more than I thought!!!LOL  took me two weeks to get them all done.

Lets see   here are some of the things I have puttered around doing.

cross stitch book mark

mini quilt for a swap wish the better pic had come out but it seems awfully blurred to use.

caught up all the parts for Shabby Roses Home quilt
wish quilt block I am working on
wish quilt blocks done so far.!

My poor little Princess I stood on her by accident yesterday thought I had broken her leg but she hobbled off to the bedroom and dragged her teddy bear from the bed to the couch and  sat cuddleing it most of the afternoon I felt awful! she is better today!!! 

Well thats about it for today  hope you all have a great week!!