Monday, August 12, 2013


Morning everyone!!

It's been a quiet week here so far I have finished my compass for Love  Entwined . and started on the ring

I finally finished all of my Mothers UfO's 12 years later here is a picture of  the lap quilt I made out of her cushion panels she had started.

I also got  the baby car seat  quilt back and delivered to  my sons friends little girl she was born the other week so I wasn't too late!!

I also got a baby gift delivered to my niece she had the choice between baby supplies or a new sewing machine and  some bath toys ect for the baby  (her old machine broke down)  she picked the machine!! that way she will be able to make costumes  and dresses for the baby as she grows.  I also sent her a 1/4 foot and some quilting rulers!! you can't go wrong with that!! I should have sent some candy for the daddy but truthfully I didn't think about it in time!!~
This week I am also working away on my Snowbound quilt and Plenty of Fish quilt   trying to get the tops done. I can't believe it is almost september I need to get all my santa gifts wrapped and boxed all the way now and see about getting them mailed soon 

Well I hope you all have a great upcoming week.
Jennifer from Texas


  1. What a sweet baby car seat quilt!
    What a lovely idea to finish your mother WIP's. Better after twelve years than never!

    1. By the way: beautiful flowers in your garden.

  2. That is so cool that you did your mom's UFOs for her. I'm working on my cousin's - it'll probably be a 12 year span by the time I finish all of them, specially since I have my own psycho list of UFOs!!

  3. I love the bright colors in your compass.
    What color are you using for your background?