Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Hi everyone!!
My Husband is on a turnaround at work right now so he is  working 7 days 12-14 hrs per day for a few weeks so I get to set up in the livingroom for a while to sew!

This week I have finished  Mays block for Esthers forget me knot I feel it is missing something but I will take it back out another time and look at it again and see what I think. 

Yesterday I worked on my June blocks for other boms and got them ready for applique

Ive already got my day cleaning done this morning so I can sit all day and sew!  My little girls are all ready for a movie marathan ( they like the snacks!!) so a few more things to get ready and  then I can take it easy the rest of the day!!  

Well Hope you  all have a great week I will speak to you all again next week.  Can't wait until Esthers new block is posted!


  1. Your Poppy looks great I like the different reds.

  2. Not sure what happened but here it is again. Your poppy looks great love the different reds.