Wednesday, October 19, 2011


x-mas quilt pink square

x-mas quilt red and green squares finished

hall window(shown sideways!!) with quilt for curtain

pyramid scrap quilt started
Hi there everyone,
Finally our internet is back on! its been on and off for two weeks now as they fix the line.

I have been slowly working on my x-mas quilt. I have the greenand red blocks done now to finish the pink ones. I have half of the last stack done hopefully I will get them finished tomorrow.  I have also started hand working a pyramid block with scraps. The weather has been so nice here I have enjoyed
sitting out on my glider swing by the pond doing hand work while the puppies play.I even managed to get my cat quilt hung up as a curtain in the hallway!  I ran out of wall space!!
well hope you all have a great week. speak to you next time.!!

PS I have tried and tried to add pictures to this today but the internet just won't let me!  I will try to add them later when they have the service fixed better!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October Already!

Another month already! I am working on my winter quilt this week. I have half of the squares put together and hope to get the other half sewed today. I don't know how I'll work with my design board this time as I can't put it up in the livingroom because of puppies I will have to get my son to clean an area in his sitting room for me to use. (Might take a while to get that done!) I am trying to set a goal every week to work towards so far I have managed it . We got rid of all the exercise equipment in the livingroom and I now have a table set up permenantly with my machine on it. I am looking at my desk set in the kitchen area and trying to think How I can set up both so I can just swing my chair around and use either area. I might get that done this weekend If I can get the desk to fit in the space. I'll have to move the freezer anyhow as it has a small space in the back that Gizmo can fit into so it needs to be against a wall now.  I usually place cat bowls on it  for them to eat in peace but my sons bassett hound has figured out how to get to the bowls!!

well I need to get going or I'll never get to my sewing today!! Hope you all have a great sewing week.
see you next time.